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These are the tales of times past, of the history and magic that forged Phantasie Crossroads into the plethora of magik and enjoyment it is today. Some of these stories have been passed down through generations of Crossroadians. It was finally taken upon some Scribes of Lenorah to chronicle these tales before the oral versions became far too tainted from the well-preserved memories of the orignal bards that sang the songs of those yesteryears. Come, read the tales of tragedy and triumph, all the woes and winnings that Phantasie Crossroads was borne of.

The Fall of Aernoth

In the time long before Phantasie Crossroads, its people were refugees from the remnants of war. This is the story of the four-year struggle, before they finally found and attained peace in the valley of the Elfae, where Phantasie Crossroads was established.