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The fortress of Phantiere is the heart and soul of Phantasie Crossroads, and therefore heavily guarded by the Imperial Soldiers that have been esconced there by his Lordship, Galahaine Sebruviet. The newly appointed Captain of the Imperial Guard is the valiant and steadfast bulk that comprises the warrioress Asheena Equitaine.

Asheena is no ordinary guardsman, however, being one of the very few pegtaurs that grace the face of this world, the rest hidden away in their secret vallies and lairs, avoiding outside contact. It is only she who has bravely traversed the rest of the world, and finally deciding to settle here at Phantasie Crossroads.

Other notables within Phantasie Crossroads is City Guard Captain Jarnael Siquil, who commands everything within the city.

There is also Grilhar Irondust, the resident dwarven armormaster, who holds sway in the Iron Trades and the smithy in the Crossroads. He is most often seen in the company of the elusive Elfaera, Afelisia, he being one of the very few that the elfaen maid will tolerate.

Afelisia herself is often a difficult individual to catch up with, at times. Other times, she is very companionable, but only when she chooses.

There are even notable Council Members that


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