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Here at Phantasie Crossroads, we pride ourselves on having fewer rules and greater fun. That's the focus of our type of free-form roleplaying: to introduce you to new people and players, and to just enjoy the game. Therefore, we've taken it upon ourselves to create a rule base that has as little fun-crunching attitudes as possible, keeping restrictions to a minimum.

This, however, does not mean that should a rule not appear on this page that you can do it. Just use common sense. We don't want to have to create twenty pages of rules simply to cover every available instance. We trust you, as our players, to do what's right by others, and by yourselves. Above all rules, the Golden Rule prevails: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Should you infringe upon these rules, for any reason, it will be taken upon the Guardians of this site to determine your fate. Depending on the rank of your infringement you might be banned, or otherwise blocked from our facilities. So just take a moment to peruse our guidelines and always keep a little common sense handy when interacting with others. Respect is key, and welcome is the door.

In the following sets of rules, let us define a few things beforehand. "Character" will always be congruous with the ficticious persona that one adopts for the sake of roleplaying, while "Player" will entail the real-time person at the keyboard that controls said fictional person. Under no circumstances should the two ever be misconstrued or mistaken for the other.

In-Character Roleplaying Guidelines

1.) At no point in playing should actions ever be forced upon another Character without the consent of the Player of that character. This includes, but is not limited to, effects such as spells or psychic abilities, possession, or otherwise "instantaneous" actions.

2.) Characters that are immortal or otherwise invincible, such as major daemons, gods, goddesses, are not advised to partake of the roleplaying here at Phantasie Crossroads without having prior consent from one of the site Guardians.

3.) Should your Characters, at any given point in time, begin to engage in a "mature" or otherwise adult-oriented games, we ask that you conduct them in private away from the public forums of our message boards and chat room. It is our intention to service the roleplaying needs of young and old alike, therefore we ask that you help maintain the clear atmosphere for our younger Players.

Out-of-Character Guidelines

1.) No Player should ever request nor give out personal, private information as far as one's address or telephone number unless that Player is an adult, or a minor with the consent of a legal parent or guardian. At no given time will any of the Guardians request such information of any Player at Phantasie Crossroads.

2.) It is asked that Players respect one another individually, each of you having your own thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of subjects. Slandering, threats of violence, or otherwise derogatory commentary directed at any Player will be dealt with extreme measures.

These rules are constantly under revision, it is up to you, the Player, to return periodically to note any changes made in these policies. The last revision made to these rules was: Saturday, October 14th, 2000 at 8:30pm Central Standard Time

Below, we have provided the names and the contact information for the Guardians of Phantasie Crossroads. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to direct them to these trusted individuals.

Name of Guardian Contact Information
PXR Guardian