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This is the place where you'll always find all the latest news and updates concerning Phantasie Crossroads, as well as things seen by our players and staff that might be of noted interest to others within our roleplaying community.

Date and Time of Last Update
Changes Applied Applied By
Fri 26 Jan 01; 2:03am CST

-New revamp uploaded

-Added new chatroom (Silver Belle Taverna)

PXR Guardian
Fri 20 Oct 00; 1:15pm CST -New Board installed PXR Guardian
Sat 14 Oct 00; 9:06pm CST

-Added new Galleria page

-Added link to Main/Home in left menubar

PXR Guardian
Sat 14 Oct 00; 8:30pm CST

-Added new Gaming Rules page

-Added link to The Nexus; PC Discussion Boards in left menubar

PXR Guardian
Sat 14 Oct 00; 3:39pm CST

-Added new Mythos & Annals page, complete with "Fall of Aernoth" excerpt

-Added News & Updates page, including current data on applied changes

PXR Guardian