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Along the trails of the Everealm
Far beyond the Winter's reach
There sits a tidy nexus of
Great oak and tiny beech

Tis called this far-off city
This place where Magik dwells
Last bastion of the faerie
Final hideaway of the sorcerous wells

Yet, ill this place never bodes
No hatred visible here
For all are welcome and reknown
Here at Phantasie Crossroads

Welcome, fair traveller! This is the realm of Phantasie Crossroads, the nexus of dreams and fancies. Upon the cheery streets of the Thoroughfaire you will find many varying folk of every imaginable description. Yet, all are welcome and all are received with warmth.

Come to the hearth-warmed halls of the Silver Belle Taverna, and listen to the tales spun by its patrons (a few even told by the bard turned bartendress, Silver`Belle herself), or hear the words of lore told by the Elderkin, the dragon-lord Galhan Meridon. Perhaps, you will even share your own tales with us, if it so pleases you.

There are even guides that will take you around our small glennaire to meet some of the more notable individuals. One such guide is our resident Elfaera, Afelisia, who knows the paths of Phantasie Crossroads better than most. She can show you much of what others cannot, for her people have been here long before any other. But she is an elusive sort, so catching her might be and adventure in itself.

At any rate, good traveller, come and be welcomed among friends, tell your tales and have your adventures for they are both in abundance here at Phantasie Crossroads.

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Template by Bimsan; Art on display by Larry Elmore

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